Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're killing air

I love the perspective of the world that kids have through their eyes, so simple and pure. Here's a conversation I had with my son this morning on the way to school:

me: "Don't break that!"

Tyler: "Why not?"

me: "Um, well it's polystyrene"

Tyler: "But, why not?"

me: "Because it will break into little pieces and they don't bio-degrade, um, they never go away"

Tyler: "Yeah, but why not?"

me: "It's bad for the environment and we need it to live"

Tyler: "What's the environment?"

me: "You know, trees and plants and the air in the sky and stuff."

Tyler: "Trees make air!"

me: "Yes, they do"

Tyler: "Trees make paper too!"

me: (laughs) "Actually they don't make paper, we cut them down and make them into paper"

Tyler: "You mean mean we kill trees to make paper?"

me: "Yes we do actually, it's a big problem"

Tyler: "But we're killing air!!!"

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Web Developers Anonymous

Web Developers Anonymous

A few weeks back I started a podcast with a good mate of mine Sean Schertell who I met in Japan and have been a web development co-conspirator with since.

It's called Web Developers Anonymous and can be found at We mainly ramble on about web dev related stuff, and we recently added "Crotchety Sean's Rambling Rant" where Sean vents some politically charged thoughts that have been on his mind.

It was actually Sean who spent many years evangelising Apple to me before I finally converted by buying a Macbook Pro just before moving back from Japan.

So please check it out, you can subscribe in iTunes (it's free) at, or go to the podcasts section of the iTunes store and search for "web developers anonymous".

Also, we'd like people to email us your questions, comments, flattery and insults to: