Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mobile Marketing

I just started a blog on mobile marketing at http://smallbuismobilemarketing.blogspot.com titled Mobile Marketing for Small Business. Someone else registered the mobilemarketing subdomain over the weekend...

I'm not an authority on the subject, but it's something I've been watching closely and needed a public forum to discuss relavent news and share some loud thinking.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dalai Lama in Sydney

Today we had the privilege of seeing the Dalia Lama speak about compassion at The Domain in Sydney. There seemed to be even more people there than I'm used to seeing at a Homebake concert in the same venue, it was increadible, especially considering the poor weather.

Dali Lama 01.jpg

The key points I picked out of his talk were that everyone, no matter what race, religeon, or creeed, needs compassion in their lives, and that showing compassion for others makes the world better for everyone. To that end we should all work seriously towards putting an end to hatred and anger and the conflict they result it, particularly war.

Dalai Lama 02.JPG

When asked "What is the meaning of life" (seriously!) he simply answered "I don't know" to the applause of the many thousands in attendance. He then went went on to elaborate on that, saying that we should all strive towards happiness.

Dalai Lama 03.JPG

I loved that he considered compassion from the perspectives of other theistic religeons, atheism, and even science, and demonstrated how compassion can benefit us all.

Dalai Lama 04.JPG

As he left in his motorcade he was applauded by the enamored crowds and even followed down the street, but not in an idolistic way as you'd associate with a pop or movie star. People were smiling happily but besides the applause were otherwise silent. It was more like a gesture of appreciation.

Dalai Lama 05.JPG

Notice the hands clasped together in the photo of the Dalai Lama leaving in his motorcade? I thought I'd just captured someone clapping at the moment when their hands were pressed together. Actually, I had my camera in burst mode as he drove past and looking at the sequence of images I realised that the owner of those hands actually held them pressed together like that the entire time the Dalai Lama drove past.

iPods to blame for total eclipse of the art, says Hockney

iPods to blame for total eclipse of the art, says Hockney

"I think it's all about sound. People plug in their ears and don't look much..."

"You notice that on buses. People don't look out of the window; they are plugged in and listening to something."

Maybe because the scenery outside the bus is dull and boring? Not much art to see in modern architecture, wheras our iPod's are loaded up with audio AND visual expressions from both commercial artists, as well as from indiviuals around the world.

Wake up to the 21t century and get a copy of PhotoShop or iMovie, post something on YouTube, put out a podcast, but don't go crying to printed newspapers because kids listen to music.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Movies in the cinema?

$15 x 2 adults
$13 x 1 child

$43 for couple of hours in the cinema.

They have this wonderful new thing here called designated seating. As we entered the cinema there was a large, angry woman stationed at the door who warned us in no unclear terms that we would be asked to leave if we even thought about sitting somewhere other than our designated seats. I was made to feel like a miscreant, and it cost $43 for the privilege.

Let's compare that to, say, downloading movies from the internet:

2GB + 6GB high-speed bandwith per month - $39.95 bundled

At least one movie a week and all the email, browsing, etc you want from the safety and comfort of your own home. It's strange, I feel like less of a miscreant for stealing movies than for actually walking into a cinema.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Kuding Tea

Kuding Tea is amazing, just tried some. Have to get some on the way home.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

good to be back (?)


Just saw an ad on TV for iinet where the bearded geek guy says that Japan has had high speed broad band since the nineties, but iinet are building out their broadband network in Austraiia so it's better unless you're thinking about moving to Japan... what a kick in the teeth!

When I moved to Japan in 2001 we were paying the equivalent of about $AU30/month for *uncapped* bandwidth. I just moved back to Australia at the end of last year. It's now 2007. If you check iinet's broadband plans you'll see that you couldn't even get 2Gb a month for that today. Yeah, iinet, I am actually thinking about moving back to Japan, everytime I pop up my bandwidth usage dashboard widget to make sure I'm not going to have my speed throttled I think about moving back to Japan. It's safer, cleaner, and cheaper to live in than Australia anyway.

The worst thing is that iinet are actually the best in Australia. I'm on Optus, and they suck ass!

video rental... as if you would

We made our first trip into a local video store. We're used to Tsutaya where you can rent vids for a few bucks. Hell, it's even cool to rent an armfull of audio cd's, and buy a spindle of blank cd's at the same time, what do they care? Well, I guess Blockbuster are really scared of being put out of business by kids with internet connections. Can't imagine why when no-one in Australia can get any real bandwidth down here, but try finding a price on their website - give up? I'll tell you: they want $AU15 to rent 3 videos on the weekend. About ¥1,500? No wonder they're ashamed to post prices like that on their website.

The thing I don't get is the stupidity. For an extra $15 a month I could up my broadband bandwidth by a good few gigbytes, and instead of being expected to return the ARccOS protected discs the next day, I could download and watch them os often as I liked. I could even legitimately purchase them from itunes for little more. Why do Blockbuster still exist?