Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Has anyone seen the new sony robot? I saw it on tv, and was completely taken aback, it's brilliant! Even if it is remote controlled, it's range of movement is increadible! They're claimiing it has sufficient AI to conduct conversations, remember people's voices and faces and stuff, but all the PR aside, it really is some increadible enginering. The future is apon us, and let's just hope it doesn't turn out like japanese manga or qrio's decendant's will be head-hunting vampire cyborg sex maniacs. Don't worry, sony's dream for the future is a fun, friendly companion who can play with you and make you happy and joyfull. I can feel the love already.

QRIO - it's great

I think they're planning to release a version early next year that can open beers and make toast. I've allready pre-ordered a couple.
Oh yeah - they're tiny! About 2 feet tall.

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