Thursday, March 11, 2004


You might have noticed that I've added some Tyler pics. It's only taken me a couple of years to get around to doing it. I'd better not put too many up though because my free webhost has a 5Mb daily bandwidth limit. I guess next time I get around to it (next year?) I'll just rotate the the pictures. Hooray.

Tyler story:
The pants I put on him this morning had really loose elastic around the waist, but I thought I'd chance it anyway. While I was getting his things ready at the kindergarten, he was doing his usual thing, running around and being funny, but I noticed he was being a little crazier than usual today. When I looked I discovered that his pants had fallen off, so he had taken off his underpants too and was running around in circles half naked and giggling hysterically. Funny guy.

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