Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Back in Japan

Been back for a week or so actually. It was great to be back at home. I didn't take a single pic the whole time I was there, because it's my home and it was so real I just wanted to live it. So now I'm just letting my coffee kick start my metabolism before the day proper begins. I still haven't settled into any particular kind of schedule as such since getting out of the school, but my mornings are fixed. Still up at 7:30 and taking Tyler to the kindergarten. He was really excited to see all his friends and be back on the first day, but everyday since that he hasn't wanted me to leave. It was a good bonding experience for us to fly to Aus by ourselves, and I can really sense that his development improved exponentially just in the few weeks we were there. His english pretty much rocks now that he's spent some time in a country where pretty much everyone speaks it all day. The more people I speak to about going freelance the better I feel about it, definitely the right thing to do. Since getting back I've gotten into my projects with renewed vigour and it's all starting to look more realistic and less scary. Now I'm doing it I just have to wonder why I didn't start earlier. The weather was nice when we got back, but now it's really starting to heat up. The humidity is the killer. Just driving home early this morning it was already a little hotter than I'd prefer, but now that I don't have to get around encased in a woolen suit I'm actually going for walks everyday and soaking up as much of the sun as possible and enjoying it. A big thanks to everyone for everything during our stay. It was good.

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