Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Auto Linkback

If you take a peek over to the right you'll notice a box of reciprocal links and search engine queries which have lead people here in the past. It's part of my latest project which I'm calling Auto Linkback. By simply adding a JavaScript snippet to any site you too can have automatically generated referal links. The possibilities are endless. I'm gearing it towards being a companion tool for weblogs. What you see running here is my first prototype. It needs some work, but over the next days, or weeks I'm planning to develop a website to deploy it with a full member configuration system and remote administration.
It's just cool to see what kinds of things people have been searching for that brought them here. It also gives a feel for what the search engines think your site is about.
I can see privacy issues being raised by people who don't particularly want their search queries immortalised on every search result they visit, which is why members will easily be able to configure how many hits to display, or not to display them at all. Loging into the main site will give complete detailed stats anyway. Besides, the queries are completely anonymous. Fun for the whole family!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beet

Seems you are enjoying your website development I hope it is working out for you financially How are things progressing for you and Misaki? How is our adorable little Tyler? David and I are thinking about you all We would love to hear from you

Heather and David