Thursday, June 14, 2007

Movies in the cinema?

$15 x 2 adults
$13 x 1 child

$43 for couple of hours in the cinema.

They have this wonderful new thing here called designated seating. As we entered the cinema there was a large, angry woman stationed at the door who warned us in no unclear terms that we would be asked to leave if we even thought about sitting somewhere other than our designated seats. I was made to feel like a miscreant, and it cost $43 for the privilege.

Let's compare that to, say, downloading movies from the internet:

2GB + 6GB high-speed bandwith per month - $39.95 bundled

At least one movie a week and all the email, browsing, etc you want from the safety and comfort of your own home. It's strange, I feel like less of a miscreant for stealing movies than for actually walking into a cinema.

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