Friday, May 30, 2008

storage of information


The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information

Some random (semi)inebriated thoughts on the flow of information and the futility of continued attempts to profit from it:

  • Information subverts control

  • Information subverts hierarchy

  • There seems to be a relation between the increase in entropy and information - the less able our universe is to to do work, the more we seem to know about it

  • We are ourselves products of the free exchange of the information stored in our DNA - limiting this flow of information, for example through in-breeding, has detrimental effects such as a higher frequency of recessive, deleterious traits

  • Attempts to stem the flow of information for any reason are probably an anomaly

  • This tends to suggest that ultimately all information should be shared, freely

  • Secrecy and privacy are an illusion

  • Information is not owned, it is only exchanged.

  • Gatekeepers of information hold a precarious position - information by it's own nature strives to be shared by all

  • secrets are just information that is temporarily shielded from de-centralised systems of information exchange

  • Profiting from restricting the flow of information through controlled pipelines is temporary

  • Sharing information freely is priceless

  • Enabling individuals to exchange information freely should be more valuable than attempting to restrict it's flow to those who pay to access it (such restrictions can only ever be temporary)

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