Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Has it been 5 years already?

Was just taking the A List Apart 2008 survey when I came up to a question asking how long you've had a personal blog for. Turns out 5 days ago was the 5th anniversary of this very blog! What are the chances of that?

I'd never have known otherwise. Looking back, it seems I've made just shy of 150 posts over the last 5 years, averaging at something like 1 post every couple of weeks. I know there are no regular readers, but I still like to get stuff off my mind that I feel like addressing to the world in general on the off chance that someone might stumble across it.

More recently, Twitter has filled a niche for broadcasting random thoughts and musings: http://twitter.com/beet.

Should spend more time doing stuff worth writing about.


Al said...

Whatever makes you think your daily life isn't worth writing about, Beet??? :)

I visited today, and found your opinions most interesting, sharing many of your views on important issues.

I found your stories of Tyler incredibly beautiful, and know you'll be glad you collected all these little notes so you're better be able to recollect these precious moments one day.

I did know you once before, but only slightly.... Well, I visited your Berowra bedsit a couple of times with friends, and I actually have a song from a garage jam on cassette, considering it precious (because it takes me back to a place in time, not so i can sell it or anything).

Back when I was a teenager, I enjoyed Berowra a lot, but knew I never belonged. How funny - I always considered it a safe place to come, mostly because of the short time I spent here with your group of friends. These days, my temporary home is at the northern most edge. Somehow, this seems appropriate.

Hope everyone in your family (including extended) is well and stays that way!

If you want a copy of the music, let me know and I'll put it on my list of things to get around to.


Mark said...

Hi AI, wow, thanks for the kind comments! If you get this then I'd definitely like to hear the garage recording! I've still got my guitar rig sitting right here behind me but never play it any more really. Never seem to be enough hours in a day hey.