Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ultimate Bloke's Wardrobe

Behold, I present to you The Ultimate Bloke's Wardrobe:

  1. Washed clothes are folded and separated into piles

  2. Piles of folded clothes are dropped into the top of the appropriate chute

  3. As clean clothes are needed, they are pulled from the dispensing slot at the bottom of the chute

  4. In the rare case that a combination of shirt + pants + socks + undies cannot be worn, simply drop the offending item(s) back into the chute and repeat from step 3

Resting Piles

The system will only work if clothes in their "resting" state are placed back into their appropriate chute instead of left in their usual location - strewn around the room on the floor.

What are "resting" clothes? Usually pants which aren't due for their annual wash, or occasionally shirts which haven't served a full day's wear or were perhaps only worn on a day which was particularly cold and didn't involve any physical activity.

Freedom from nagging partners!

Wives of the world rejoice, you can finally be freed from the traditional bloke's wardrobe system:

Taking orders now!

Put in your order for The Ultimate Bloke's Wardrobe now! Materials and manufacturers are being sourced, and production should begin soon.

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