Friday, August 14, 2009

RIP Sharkbait

We had a tragedy in the family yesterday - Tyler's pet goldfish died. It was his first pet, given to him for his 7th birthday not even a year ago. He was heartbroken, really upset about it, just cried & cried for hours the poor guy. It was really painful for us to see him so upset too.

So in memory of Sharkbait, Tyler drew this picture:

I asked him what the "POP" with a person in the "O" is. He said "That's me shrinking, it makes a POP noise". Then I noticed the little person in the fish bowl with Sharkbait. Then I suddenly had something very important I had to go and do in another room, something very grownup and manly that definitely wasn't wiping a tear from my eye too...

Bye Sharkbait, we'll miss you!

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