Monday, June 21, 2010

Different types of people

There are some who look at the world and see amazing beauty in nature, and to them it's something they want to preserve and cherish, something precious they want future generations to be able to enjoy.

Then there are some who may actually share a similar appreciation of the world around them, but dissimilarly feel compelled by it to stake out their claim to part of it, whatever the cost.

The prior work to preserve endangered species, rain forests, and coral reefs, they get behind projects that promise clean, renewable energy, and think long-term about how the things the do today affect those who come after them.

The later, well, they somehow find a way to rationalise things like this, and are still able to sleep at night.

I saw this photo of the aurora borealis this morning:

The green fire of the southern lights

It's so beautiful. I'd like to hope that we'll still be here to appreciate the green fire of the southern lights for many years to come.

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