Wednesday, October 29, 2003

day off!

I've got the day off!!! So here I am at home with Tyler. Misaki's pesimistic about my chances of having a good day looking after him, but we're doing ok so far. We've had breakfast, played with trains, I've just hung out the washing and now he's occupying himself with a Thomas the tank engine video. He just pulled the tape out of one them so we had a bit of an episode while I tried to explain to him that you can't watch videos with the tape haning out of them, but he got it in the end. It allways ends in tears. No, I'm looking forward to the day together. I am a little worried becuase last night I was a bit too tired, managed to tick Misaki off some how and still haven't managed to get myself back into the good books completely, so I'll have to be carefull to take it easy today. Tyler usually takes a nap in the morning and in the afternoon, so I'll get a chance to put my feet up and forget it all later. Yeah, tired, maybe becuase of teaching for 4 hours straight last night. It's not good. I'm trying to sleep on the trains these days, instead of reading or doing a bit of programming as I had been doing before being hit with a nasty cold recently. Right then. Better head out and let Tyler burn off some energy. Luckily there's a Toys'R'Us just across the road from our place which is allways convenient, and our favourite park isn't too far away either. I'll take my camera with us just in case. I was looking at my geocities website yesterday thinking about what to do with it. If Tyler takes a long enough nap today I'll try to get something up. Laters

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