Wednesday, September 15, 2004

SLA Eikaiwa

Yes, I'm still alive. The website needed a bit of a resurrection though becuase a lot's been happening and it got away from me a bit. I've mostly been working on an online system and accompanying website for SLA Eikaiwa, an english school with 2 branches in Osaka: SLA Eikaiwa

So my other projects got put aside, and in the meantime the domain name for the server hosting this site's images and also AutoLinkback expired. It was generously donated by a friend who runs his own hosting company, DataFly. Things are winding down a bit now, so I might get it together and get AutoLinkback set up again.

Got a new phone with a half decent camera in it so there may well be more Tyler pics in store. In the meantime while we survive earthquakes and typhoons Japan isn't being too bad to this man, not too shabby at all.

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