Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Weather in Japan

There's another typhoon blowing in, and as I'm scheduled to train it into Osaka this evening I found myself searching for recent satellite images to see how close it is. Typhoons are usually preceded by several days of constant rain before the final assault of tumultuous winds begins, which is due anytime this afternoon. I need to know when it's going to hit because they actually stop the trains when the worst of it is upon us, and I may well find myself stranded in Osaka, or even un-able to get there in the first place. I love storms! Another perk is that the majority of people don't much like being buffeted by wind and rain of an evening, and so prefer to stay home where it's warm and dry, rather than say, going to their english lessons...
Here's a link to some animated sattelite images of the weather in Japan: Japan Meteorological Agency

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