Tuesday, December 21, 2004

RIP Dimebag Darrell

My Dimebag signature Ibanez

I was shocked to discover today that a well repsected and admired member of the music community, Dimebag Darrell, was killed recently during a performance with his band Damageplan.

I met Dimebag at a music Expo in Darling Harbour, Syndey during my guitaring days and despite his intensity found him quite approachable. On the first day of the show he was promoting some guitars he had helped produce and causing so much raucous that he could easily be heard from the other side of the large auditorium. Phil, Matt and I returned on the second day, guitars in hand, and took a classic photo with Dimebag, flanking him on either side with our freshly autographed guitars, and struck classic heavy metal poses, while Dimebag grabbed the nearest axe and shoved the trademark Dimebag V of it's head under his beard.

My Dimebag signature Ibanez

I would like to remember him for the life and energy he shared with us all through his music and his own interesting life, and I give my deepest condolences to his friends and family, and to the friends and family of the other victims of the night's tragedy.

May I also take this opportunity to raise the issue of gun control in America - how many more lives must we suffer the loss of?

Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

dimebag and zakk wylde were pretty much best friends and both were my idles and when im listening to pantera he sounds so much alive and if u didnt know him u would think he was still alive thats how good of music he made...................Dimebag Darrell Abbott R.I.P

beet said...

I like the comment left by Marty Friedman on the Damageplan website about him making far better music than he needed to. He really was a talented musician, and by all accounts an awesome guy.