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Christmas holidays, December 2004

Wow, what a huge holiday! Dave and family drove all the way down from Yokousuka to stay with us for a week or so and it was absolutely fantastic! I'm surprised my kidneys are still functioning after the week long drinking binge, but we all survived, and I have photos to prove it!
(At about 630Kb worth of thumbnails I can see my 10Mb/day of free bandwidth being chewed up pretty quickly, so if that happens you'll likely just be looking at empty boxes or something)

Amy on the small slide
It's become an anual tradition to visit a local park in Sanda with some cool playing equipment. Here Amy takes the small roller-slide thing.

Ace in the small slide
...Ace doing the small roller slide...

Tyler on the small slide
...and Tyler doing the small roller slide thing. This is all just a warm up for the super-happy-fun-slide further up the hill.

Amy on the super-happy-fun-slide
Amy on the super-happy-fun-slide which starts at a good few meters above the ground and ends a good 10-20 meters down the hill.

Ace on the super-happy-fun-slide
...high speed Ace action...

Tyler on the super-happy-fun-slide
...and Tyler. The fun wasn't for kids only though...

Look out kids!
Uncle Dave in hot pursuit at the top of the slide.

Here comes uncle Dave
"weeeeee!!!!!" he he he

Futuristic tower
No it's not a set from the next Star Trek movie, it the futuristic tower across the road from the park. A good example of modern Japanese architecture - taken straight out of the pages of a Manga comic. To do this day I have no idea what function it serves, other than my suspicion of it being a mind control device similar to those employed by the Tripods...

Merry christmas people
One day, Ashton, Nana and Masako came over for some Mexican food Misaki put on (inspired by our friends Sean and Akiko). The only pic I took with Ashton and Nana in it didn't turn out because I'd sat the camera on a stool which reflected the flash back at it and under-exposed the background.
Who else thinks that Tyler and Ace could easily pass as brothers?

Smooshed faces section:

Window faces
Misaki snapped this shot of hilariousness from outside one night, and it now serves to introduce the smooshed faces section.

Dave and Amy smooshed
...uncle Dave gets in on the smooshed faces action with Amy...

Dave and Tyler smooshed
You don't have to teach kids how to do this, it's built in. Just give them some transparent material and it's only a matter of time.

Ace and Tyler
A nice shot of Ace and Tyler, partners in crime in the making.

Snow section:

We'd been enjoying quite pleasant weather, unseasonably warm for december actually, and then suddenly one day it just decided to dump down with snow. Here's an artsy shot out our back window.

More snow...
This time showing the winter wonderland in the background more clearly. It took several days for all the snow to become dirty slush and finally dissipate. It snowed a bit again last night, but that's all we've had so far.

Tyler the snow man
Tyler and Misaki ventured outside to investigate. Tyler was captured in this shot in his hilarious inherited funky snow suit - "noooo.... don't look at meee!!!"

Tyler in more snow
It was only a few weeks ago that Tyler posed in the same place as this picture in his Hichigosan suit on a pleasantly warm and sunny day.

Artsy snow
And to conclude the snow section I give you Misaki's artsy photo of a snow covered grating in front of our appartment. Snow might bore a lot of people but for a guy who grew up in the southern hemisphere it's still a novelty to have a white christmas.

Beattie clan
The Beattie clan, together in Japan for the last time. The next time we'll all meet will be back in Sydney as Dave and Michiko are relocating soon.
We had a great time guys, thanks heaps for coming down to Osaka and we're looking forward to catching up again soon in Aus!

Coming soon:

  • Mochi-tsuki - sticky rice making

  • Daibutsu, Nara - the great statue of Budda

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