Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cultured Code support broken?

Please, Cultured Code, maybe it's just me but I'm having major issues with Things Mac/Touch:

  • Syncing between Mac/iPhone is sloooow.... Once it's finished sending data, Things Mac saturates the CPU for at least a minute while "Processing"...

  • Moving items is also slow. Just dragging a single item out of the inbox into an area invokes the spinning beach ball of death for several seconds.

  • Seems to affect anything related to moving/re-positioning items

Your support system seems to be broken, I submit bug reports, get an automated response, and that is the last I ever hear of it. So I tried using the forums, but after creating 2 accounts with different email addresses I am unable to log in and post questions. I can search and browse though and see that I'm not the only customer experiencing similar issues.

Please help! I love things, I written before about why I prefer Things' tags/areas to OmniFocus' more rigid GTD contexts/projects. I'm begging...

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