Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Steven Conroy fielding questions about The Great Firewall Of Australia (internet filter) on ABC1 Thur 26 9:30pm AEDT

GetUp! are taking questions to be posted to Steven Conroy when he appears on ABC1 for a Q&A session about his proposed Australian internet filter at form only appears to allow you submit one question though, so here's a few more that I'd like to hear his answers for:

"Please explain how the internet filter is more effective at addressing issues in society than educating parents and children to raise public awareness about the internet and how to use it responsibly?"

"Please explain how limiting access to information about issues in society does anything to address the actual problems that cause them? "

"How will making it more difficult to access inappropriate content online in any way prevent people from engaging in inappropriate behaviour - will they not simply find other communication channels?"

"What specific research can you refer to that clearly shows a correlation between an increase in inappropriate behaviour and an increase in internet usage?"

"Quoting specific research sources, what are your predictions for the decrease in inappropriate behaviour that will result as a direct result of the internet filter?"

"Please give a specific example of a well case of inappropriate behaviour that could not have been perpetrated without access to information on the internet."

"As the vast majority of inappropriate behaviour is conducted offline, would it not be more effective to address the societal problems causing it directly and in so doing affect both offline and internet behaviour?"

"Please quote specific research which shows the percentage of inappropriate content found both online and offline and explain why it is more important to target the internet."

"Why do you feel your role as Communications Minister includes deciding what comprises "inappropriate" content and what gives you the right to impose your moral compass over others?"

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