Saturday, August 30, 2003


After pointing at the fish tank in the entrance to Tyler's kindergarten and saying "fish, fish!" every day for about a year, he's finally started saying it himself! The other day I instead said "what's that Tyler?", he said "fish!". Yay! When Misaki picked him up today, as they walked past the fish tank he said "ish, isshhh!". Close enough. That's one more english word added to his vocabulary, bringing the total up to about 10 - please (chiiii), thank you (tan-chiii), apple (a-pu), he also knows "poo" for poo-bear, 1-2-3, open (o-pu), dada (me) and fish.
I've yet to come across a situation which provides the right context to teach him 'tea' or 'toast'.
He can allready put 2 words together in japanese like "pan ochita" - I dropped my bread, and he adds the past tense suffix "ta" to his own baby language meaning he knows how to use it in context. He often talks to us in baby language and nods, saying "na, na!" meaning "right?" or "isn't it?".

PS - I finished the book and did a bit of googling on it and the author. The general opinion is that the author concieved most of it as fiction without much scientific proof. It turns out that it's the first in a series or 4 or 5 on the same subject and he gets a bit funky in the ideas presented in following works. But it was a good read and I like to keep an open mind.
Now I've finished it I've gotten back to terrorising salary-men on the trains by listening to RATM at full ball through my funky open-backed YOGA brand headphones. Next I'll have to get on to Amazon and order the next 2 books in the Engines of God series by Jack McDevit.

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