Sunday, August 03, 2003


Finally,after a 6 day marathon I'm on weekend time. Tonight we're going out for our 2nd anniversary, which is tomorrow. I've bought a really nice present for Misaki which I hope she likes.
Tomorrow is my day off and I'm finally planning to see the Matrix reloaded. At last! I missed Twin Towers at the cinemas because I don't often have time to watch movies. Actually, I missed Lord of the Rings too, and was forced to download it. I'll have to get onto the file-sharing network Phil reccomended and aquire a copy of twin towers one day too. The RIAA's recent bout of subpoenas isn't going to scare people away from trading files. If media industries want people to stop sharing their copyrighted material they should adjust their business models to work in an age where technology allows all forms of media to be exchanged quickly, and anominously between people accross international boundries, and stop using brute force to perpetuate out-dated business models based on antiquated media technologies which are sold for unreasonable prices. I can buy a portable MP3 player here in Japan for the price of 2 cd's back at home in Aus. Time to wake up and smell the coffee - while the information age was exploding, the recording industry has made no further advancements than from analogue to digital, but there are signs that the movie industry isn't planning to be left sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it. Machinima is a new medium which actually uses PC's themselves as the platform which renders animated movies:

Games invade Hollywood's turf

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