Sunday, August 24, 2003

mu the motherland

Well, after getting through about 2 thirds of the book I've allready concluded that it's mostly a load of shash, but some good points are made and some really interesting things described. Like the buried cities of Niven near Mexico City which are under 30 feet of ground but are found 1000's of feet above sea level, surrounded by moutain ranges thousands of feet higher still. There are 3 ruined cities burried one on top of the other, all many thousands of years old, with many thousands of years between them. That fact itself is pretty interesting, but asserting that they're all colonies of the lost motherland of Mu is a bit much. Maybe they were, or maybe not, really it's impossible to prove conclusively, but the author takes an authoritive position in giving the best sciences of 80 years past in support of his theories, sciences which have since been superceded by modern technology and I can't abide that. The cool thing is they found a life-like statue of an asian man adorned in Chinese style clothes sitting in Japanese cross-legged fashion. That's a funky thing to dig up from 30 feet under the ground in Mexico.

Whatever, I'm kinda looking forward to finishing it so I can get back to reading sci-fi.

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