Sunday, August 31, 2003

more pics!

Well, after about 4 months I've finally gotten around to uploading the next installment in the shananagans series of photos from the great gaijin invasion of Sanda, April 2003. Here's a running commentary, in the order the pics appear here (shananagans, saturday night 20030412)

phil and dave
Chilling out in a Gusto family restaurant the day after Friday night's all nighter. We all agreed to have a quiet one tonight... yeah right

A quiet one? erg, no thanks, you strange people...

mattD waitress and phil
Several hours later in a local izakaya: Matt tries his hand at ordering some bevies - Phil suggests pointing at items on the menu

mattD phil dave beet beer
Matt - they didn't take much convincing!

...and the drinking games begin, yay!

right, that's more like it. Gimme that coin...

drinking game 01
(from matt's perspective)

show us how it's done then

drinking game 02
well, you have to bounce the coin off the bottom of the empty cup into the full one like this:

drinking game 03
matt winds one up...

drinking game 04
and shoots!

mattD and key
his penalty for missing was to have a key tag super-glued to his forehead...

mattD drinking
and to catch the coin between his teeth while sculling the beer, else incur a further drinking penalty. Choking to death on the coin also incurs a drinking penalty

phil drinking
phil's funky camera phone enables him to capture himself in the act of paying pennance for his coin tossing inaccuracy...

phil's bum
the extension of phil's penalty was to sing the australian national anthem with bottom-burps

phil drinking
dear oh dear - failing to complete an extended penalty brings on a further drinking penalty; he only made it through the first 2 verses

mattD drinking
failing to refill the glass is also punishable by drinking, reguardless of being incapacitated by histerical laughter at phil's flatulent rendition

mattD waitress and phil
matt - right, better order some more beers. Phil, you speak some japanese, call the waitress over again!
... she had to revert to sign language. Matt looks on in dissapointment as phil tries to comprehend in vain

After an animated exchange a fresh round of tall bottles of Asahi super dry arrive

phil and dave
... bugger this coin tossing business, gimme one of those!

phil and dave
while phil activates his phone's voice recognition AI dictionary, dave contemplates the virtues of ordering another round.
No-one really payed him much attention when he announced his intentions until 8 more bottles appeared on the table...

phil, dave and powershovel
Well, after wandering aimlessly around sanda in an attempt to metabolise 8 bottles of beer while consuming them, we came accross an unmanned powershovel...
Dave - The keys aren't in it are they phil?

phil and powershovel
let me check...

observing our attempts to borrow the powershovel were 2 musicians. The girl had a really nice voice as I recall
"No, it's not ours. We're sure whoever owns it wouldn't mind you borrowing it." (according to phil's translation)

phil and powershovel
No keys in here, looks like we'll have to walk home afterall.
(good thing too - it's not wise to operate heavy machinery while under the influence)

And so ends this account of the shananagans of the great furio-gaijin invasion of sanda, April 2003. I'd like to thank phil, dave and matt for coming out here, and a special thanks goes out to our sponsor, Asahi breweries.

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